3 Easy Ways To Wake Up Early

Afnan Abdu samed
2 min readNov 18, 2020


if you are reading this then you already halfway in achieving this goal. First step in achieving anything is consciously striving to achieve it.

Hoorray!! Clap for yourself!!!

let us look at the 3 step mantra that has helped me personally and a lot more:

1. Set goals for tomorrow

if you make an agenda for tomorrow then it will be easier to pull yourself out of bed. Goals should specify time slots and tasks to be covered in each slot. Goals of the day should not be too extensive that is impossible to achieve or too easy to achieve. Play to your strength and weaknesses.

Time rated slots will ensure that you don't miss a slot. When slots are predefined you become aware of consequence of missing a slot, preventing you from sleeping more.

2.No Snooze button or multiple alarms

often we set alarms as backup or snooze our alarms to sleep a little more. Some set alarms slightly earlier and snooze for longer so that they can enjoy that last bit of sleep.

This is the worst thing that you can do. This practice of prolonging your sleep makes you lazy and will create culture of postponement in yourself.

So set an alarm that you think is good for your body, 6–8 hours of sleep is optimal.

3. Waking up early should be the last thought while going to bed

The last thought while going to bed will be the first one you have while waking up. So ensure that you don't use social media or phone as the last thing in the night. This might prevent you to waking up on time.

If I think about the goals that i have set for tomorrow ,then next day i will spring up easily.

Hope this helps. Chase your Dreams!!!