Android Kunjappan Version 5. 25

Afnan Abdu samed
1 min readNov 16, 2019


The movie talks about the struggles arising in a household of an old parent and an aspieing youth.

The first of the movie is packed with a lot of humour and one cant stop laughing. The second half attacks the psychological aspects of many of us.

The movie makes us ponder as to what really love is all about. Do we do things just for the sake of doing it is what the movie questions.

After all the movie is able to prove that even if the robot isnt able to express emotions, the old man got emotionally attached to it because he was able to convey everything he had in his mind to the robot and there was no bad/good implications of it.

I think that aspect of soxiety where we are so individualised and always keep to ourselves has lead to a lot of stress developing in us. We dont share our emotions with others fearing that what will tbey think pf us. We fear that they will becomes biased towarda us and we dont want others to look us that way.

Ovedall it was a great movie to watch and one must see it with his family.