Drift from liberal to radical feminism.

Indian society context.

Afnan Abdu samed
2 min readNov 16, 2019

Bollywood has become a hub for feminist to put out their voice against discrimination against women at their workplace in terms of different wage for same work or quid pro quo sexual exploitation for going up the ladder etc.

Actresses have become role models for many in both genders in the younger generation. This has resulted in massive support being shown during the #metoo allegations that brought out true colour of many directors/actors.

However these uprising are more of liberal in nature which was something that was seen in the West in the 80s. Hence feminism has come late to india, but as the saying goes better late than never.

But now the trend in india is changing from liberal to radical feminism wherein the basic structure of discrimination-patriarchy is being attacked. Women have to rise up against seeing thrm inferior or treating them differently. Objectification of women is one highly observed trait of bollywood where women are only of value for their body features rather than their acting skills. Once this notion is attacked there will be equality amongst genders and exploitation of women will come down

Patriarchy ultimately boils down to the family where the children are being taught gender roles at very eaely ages itself. Boys are taught to be aggressive and trained to be outdoors while girls are taught to be soft and be indoors.

So if we want to see a change in the society we must start from within and bring a change in pur family before looking to the society at large.