Soorarai Potru- Dreams dont die

Afnan Abdu samed
2 min readNov 18, 2020


This is a masterpiece movie inspired by the life of Captain G.R. Gopinath. Actors Suriya and Aparna in the lead roles have shined well in their characters can credit it as the best performances in their career.

Soorarai Potru highlights the difficulties faced by a man who wants to bring his idea a budget airline to light. He wishes to accomodate all sections of society in the flight. Airlines at that time was seen as an elite luxury and masses could never dream of it.

After watching the movie I feel that the kind of goals that I have set for myself are too small compared to what this guy has achieved in life.

The movie has some intense scenes of which my favorite is the airport scene. Here Maara is seen not able to buy a ticket to his hometown to meet his father who is on the deathbed. It was a desperate situation for him as there was no other airline available and no other mode of transport to take him there on time. So his helplessness forced him to beg to other people for money, which no one was willing to give. This scene shows the development of the fire in him that finally materialized into the Deccan airlines.

By breaking the cost barrier, caste barrier can also be breached. However this surely will attract friction from those who reap benefits from current system of hierarchy. These are the hurdles faced by Maaran in the movie.

Additionally we can also see in the movie the unconditional support given by his wife and also his village who wish to see him succeed. The movie also transforms the image of a wife from that of a slim, straight hair, soft person to that of a bold, independent and strong woman. She was financially independent and further in the movie also helped Maaran financially in a critical situation.

It is a great movie to watch especially the youth who give up easily on meeting failures. Whatever failures we encounter ,if we have a strong dream and are willing to work for it with perseverance then no one can stop us from reaching it.

As a nation that boasts our history of the fight against colonial rule, we need to introspect on why we dont learn such stories in school that may inspire millions to work towards creating miracles in the nation.