women have legs campaign

Gender and sex are 2 differing terms in sociology.While sex is biological, gender is what roles are assigned to males and females by society.

That means if gender is female then she has to be gentle,caring,sacrificial etc.Even a colour is associated- pink.While men have to be more muscular,agreessive and colour given is blue.

On a closer introspection we can see that these social roles have no relation to the biological differences.Biological men are not superior to women, contrarily women are bearing more pain than men-in case of child labour for example.

women have legs can be seen in this light. In keralas social media circle, a yound actress of age 18 was criticised highly for wearing clothes that exposed her legs.Moral policing was done widely on her instagram post of the same.

Many other actresses came in support of her and started this campaign of women have legs.They started posing pictures of themselves that exposed their legs.

Kerala is a state that boasts high performance in social development indicators such as health, education.Yet as a society it has much more to achieve in progressive attitude towards its women.

BR Ambdekar had said “I measure the progress of the community by the degree of progress which women have achieved”.

Looking back at ancient india, Indus valley civilisation and rig vedic age typically had a society that respected women.in rig vedic society women were at par with men and treated equal in political and educational spheres.

howver it later vedic age, womens position gradually decreased.child marriage began,dowry system became prevalent, womens participation in polity decreased.

So we can draw a parallel with successful societies with the position that its women enjoy.Hence a more rational thinking is required to eliminate many inequalities that exist in our society.


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